ASI ContentBridge™ provides distributors with a simple way to integrate all of ASI's supplier data and award-winning educational and editorial content into their business applications.

Transferred over the Internet, through a simple to use interface, ASI ContentBridge™ provides virtually limitless opportunities for companies to improve their operations and enhance their Web applications. From creating seamless order management tools to improving search engine optimization results to designing custom Web sites, ASI ContentBridge can be easily configured to meet your exact business needs.

ASI ContentBridge customers can:

  • Increase sales through improved SEO/SEM results
  • Increase leads by building customized 'themed' sites
  • Improve employee retention with a more knowledgeable staff
  • Improve customer service and save costs by reducing order errors and omissions
  • Achieve higher operational efficiency integrating, or co-mingling ASI's data with your CRM and order management business systems
  • Drive IT productivity and save on development costs for new applications with ASI's easy to use API and software development kit

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